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A+ for Organization

Stay on top of back-to-school paperwork and schedules with these simple tips.

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American Spirit
What do I do with all this stuff?

Cleaning out the family home? Here's how to figure out what to keep, sell, give away and throw out.

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Five Tips for Raising Money-Smart Kids

Plenty of adults get into financial trouble through no fault of their own, especially in a sluggish economy with double-digit unemployment. But often, those who learned valuable financial lessons at an early age fare better when times are tough.

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Hobby Farm Home
Bucolic Birthday Bash

A birthday party on your farm can be fun, entertaining and unique with one of these themed bashes.

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Couples Cash: Managing Money and Marriage

Numerous studies show that managing money can be the most divisive issue between married couples.

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AARP Bulletin
Where There’s a Will …

There’s a way to contest it. But the cost can be high, and not just in money.

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Five Money Tips for Your College-Bound Kid

Covering college costs today often requires a lot of student loans, but they can be viewed as an investment in a better future. Not so with another form of student finances: reckless personal spending.

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Dig In!

More than 7 million Americans broke the soil for a new garden in 2009, and the craze continues. Here’s why you and your family should join them and how to get started.

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Working Mother
Laptop Learning

Looking for a new job, decent earnings and a better life? Sharpen skills at an online school — perfect for working moms with little time but lots of drive.

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Six Reasons Why Your Family Should Volunteer

Just as Little League practice or gymnastics classes help kids become better athletes, early habits of service to others can help children develop into more caring, selfless individuals. Volunteering, either individually as children, or together as a family is a rewarding way to help your community.

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Kids and Fundraising

So your child has to sell candy bars. Or wrapping paper. Or raffle tickets. There’s a fine line between doing your part for the fundraiser and driving your friends and neighbors crazy with solicitations.

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How to Become an Organized Family

Stop envying the family that seems to have it all together. Follow these tips to streamline your activities and simplify your life.

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